Living and Working on the Web

This module has been a departure from the highly technical degree that I have been studying for nearly 3 years. However, it has been an experience that I have really enjoyed, and has developed skills that other modules might not have. This post is an evaluation of the skills I have developed during this module.… Continue reading Living and Working on the Web

Reflecting on Open Access

For this weeks blog I discussed the benefits of Open Source software as a response to the topic on Open Access. Open Source software has become a very popular subject over the last few years and one of many areas affected by the Open Access debate. I enjoyed engaging in the comparison between open and closed… Continue reading Reflecting on Open Access

Open Source – What is it and why use it?

Open Source refers to the concept of publishing the source code of your program. This means publishing absolutely every detail of how it works, has been manufactured and tested. Open Source was first proposed by the free software movement, and goes one step further than free access to the software. Some popular open source projects… Continue reading Open Source – What is it and why use it?

A reflection on ethics

The discussion of online ethics is a broad one, reflected by the huge size of the internet itself. My post this week focussed on the ethics of tracking online. In particular, a discussion of the issues and an analysis of how of the ethics of these practices. Analysing the specifics of the laws in this… Continue reading A reflection on ethics

Ethics of Tracking

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how companies and government agencies can track the websites we visit and how we communicate online. Sites use cookies to track users browsers not only on their site but also on other sites that share technologies. Each computer or small network has an IP address associated with it which can be… Continue reading Ethics of Tracking

Reflecting on Professional Profiles

This week’s blog topic was rather more difficult to be creative with, it was quite easy to view a professional profile as simply a good LinkedIn profile and a tidy, well presented online presence. However, the web is far more diverse than this, with many tools at an employee’s fingertips to develop a professional profile… Continue reading Reflecting on Professional Profiles

Professional Profiles

It has always been difficult for employers to choose the correct candidates. The traditional interview and CV will continue to play a role for the foreseeable future however more and more employers and potential employees are turning to the internet to narrow down the search for potential employees and jobs respectively. Increasingly employers themselves are… Continue reading Professional Profiles